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Rolling Scorrevoli

WHY 'ROLLING TO CHOOSE. It is the appropriate solution for the partitioning of medium and large gates. The absence of obstacles in rotation limited to the maximum wastage of usable area, so it is perfect for commercial and industrial buildings, garages and anywhere
there is a need, in limited spaces, with horizontal sliding doors 1 and 2 doors, motorized, available with or without a service port precinct.
By virtue of modular construction, allowing the Rolling closing compartments communication of various kinds, and you can configure different solutions to meet all types of masonry. The availability of a wide range of types of installation, accessories and engines, allows you to customize the slides according to the ergonomic needs of the site, the designer will be able to enhance their creativity in compliance with the rules.

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13 Jun 2013
bellissima porta blindata metalnova con pannello lavorato, ottimo rapporto qualita' prezzo lunedi consegnata tramite cor... »
19 Jun 2014
Gentile Signore Perasole, grazie ho ricevuto la porta, tutto ok, ma le invio questa email per fare i complimenti a lei ... »

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