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Cassonetti Dierre per porte scorrevoli

Our company, located in Casoria, Naples as well as having their own production of interior doors, interior doors sells, sleeves, boxes manufactured by the leader in home security: Dierre. Alla'Az Perasole you will find interior doors, bushes, in wood and lacquer, as well as intaglio. From today all'Az Perasole you find the hidden systems for sliding doors leading company in the field of home closures: Dierre. The box that we propose is related to sliding doors with sliding doors. The box Dierre is available in versions for 1 door and 2 door. The closures are particularly suitable for solving problems of space in medium to small, sliding doors are particularly used in new buildings and environments to be restored. There are bins for pocket doors and masonry PLASTERED for plasterboard partitions.

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Cassonetto per porte scorrevoli Dierre

Cassonetto per porte scorrevoli Dierre
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€89,99  [+22% ]
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19 Jun 2014
Gentile Signore Perasole, grazie ho ricevuto la porta, tutto ok, ma le invio questa email per fare i complimenti a lei ... »
13 Jun 2013
bellissima porta blindata metalnova con pannello lavorato, ottimo rapporto qualita' prezzo lunedi consegnata tramite cor... »

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