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fire door REI 120

New Idra is a flexible and secure fire door that meets the requirements of subdivision of homes, supermarkets , hospitals , warehouses, machinery spaces , cinemas, restaurants and any other public building.
Suitable for medium sized gates typical of ports 1 and 2 doors, New Hydra combines a perfect balance different features, which make it one of the most common fire doors .
Thanks to the ease of installation, without additional drilling or notching in the wall , it adapts to any space with extreme versatility . The coplanarity to the profile of the frame , the anchoring hooks preprinted in the frame itself and the closure with three hinges for optimum functionality .
In addition , it is available in a wide range of colors and sizes , both standard and oversize , in the blind version , with the typical strength of the steel, and the glazed version , with different glazing options .
New Idra is also available as a panic or handle / handle and surface protection film to be removed after installation.

EI 120 fire door IDRA

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