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Model Split EI 120

Closure Approval of fire resistance according to UNI 9723 of DM 14/12/93 , accessories and specifications as per our standard
production . Z- frame on 4 sides with the lower cross member removable galvanized steel , painted with brackets and holes for dowels, gasket self-expanding hot flue gases , 3 hinges series 3 height adjustable wings on the ball in painted steel, self-closing with helical torsion spring incorporated in the hinge .
Epoxy polyester powder coating light ivory color similar to RAL 9010. Knocker blind made with sheets of galvanized steel or painted
coated similar to RAL 9010 light ivory with protective film to be removed in the laying , high-density insulation , mortise lock with 1 point cylinder lock cylinder with faux Yale PVC with n . 1 key to encryption Unified Patent , handles accident prevention (handle / handle) on resin plate matt black internal reinforcement for door closers and panic exit standard for installations, even in aftermarket accessories .
Installation on brick wall , reversible opening to push the right or left to be determined on site before laying supplies as low as 10
pieces. Door thickness 65 mm , 70 mm thick door + frame .
Options: handles and / or panic exit devices , door closers , rectangular windows , side moldings , paint RAL for supplies minimum of 10 pieces , not available outside measurement.

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Tagliafuoco Dierre - SPLIT EI 120

Tagliafuoco Dierre - SPLIT  EI 120
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€234,30  [+22% ]
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19 Jun 2014
Gentile Signore Perasole, grazie ho ricevuto la porta, tutto ok, ma le invio questa email per fare i complimenti a lei ... »
13 Jun 2013
bellissima porta blindata metalnova con pannello lavorato, ottimo rapporto qualita' prezzo lunedi consegnata tramite cor... »

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