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Model Cross

Welcome to the section dedicated to dell'Az Perasole Cross Dierre doors and gates.
The fire doors Dierre Cross come alive by intensive research, by highly advanced production processes and the constant efforts put in developing new technologies.
In places of Naples, San Pietro a Patierno and Caserta dell'Az Perasole, you will find Cross fire doors Dierre that best fit your needs. Fire doors Cross Dierre that the Az Perasole markets are all approved for the fire resistance according to Italian standards UNI 9723 and equipped with approval REI 30/60/90/120: the term acronym REI the ability of a product to retain all 'fire attack some features for a set time of 30, 60, 90 120 minutes REI The abbreviation that characterizes the doors and fire doors Dierre for each letter has a specific meaning: R = indicates stability, ability to maintain the fire door mechanical strength, E = represents the estate, or the ability of the door, fire door not to let it go produce smoke or flames, I = indicates the insulation and the ability of fire doors and doors to reduce transmission of heat.

CROSS REI 120 is closing sliding fire vertically, coated steel, which is perfect for the requirements of subdivision entrances of small and medium-sized without the clutter in the rotation of the swing. Meets the needs of restaurants, serving hatch, archives, hospitals, offices and any need for vertical sliding doors in tight spaces.

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Porta Tagliafuoco Dierre Cross

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