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Product code Modello 5R
Category Pantografati A
Brand Perasole
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- Panel Color Wood Made Up Of Plywood Okoume 'Spessore14mm

- Lacquered Panel Made On HDF Thickness 14mm

Multilayer parallel fiber: the panel is made up of layers of wood with unidirectional fibers, bonded with glue water resistant, and veneered side facade visible in essence declared.

Multilayer: the cladding panel, previously subjected to
painting of standardization, is painted with water-based paints
compatible with the environment and 4 times more resistant than conventional paints.

Our panels produced at the site of Carinaro pantograph, in addition to ensuring an excellent look at your security door are a great tool for customization, and 'can choose between different models and different colors, and also' can request a plate made last forever on wood, and customizations never end ... and it 'can request sketches out the catalog of any geometric shape or abstract, inlays, working as resin inserts ... l' AZ Perasole SRL boasts among its equipment CNC machinery as pantographs 5 axis. And 'possible to ask the panel for their own security door is if the door and' construction industry and craft, the panel for security door will be 'grossed at the odds of you communicated and proportions are always respected because' a staff of technicians following work to work all stages of production from the realization of the design in vector to the next stage of pantograph up to the sanding, painting and finally packaging. packaging and 'a phase detreminate since' and 'just then that the grooved panel for security door passes the last rigid quality control', the packaging and 'composed by plooribol esteremamente suitable material to protect our wallboard security door against bumps and scratches.


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