Founded in 1975, Dierre is the world's leading manufacturer of security doors and a leader in Italy in the production and sale of interior doors and exterior doors.

Making products that are technologically innovative, combining safety and design in a wide range of doors and windows adaptable to any décor and presonalizzabili at will, is the goal pursued since the creation of the company. Making art products also means being innovative in the face of industrial processes.

The Dierre Group has always invested considerable resources in production and this has allowed the company to establish itself as the most technologically advanced in the industry. Moreover, to succeed in combining the standardization of production with maximum customization required by the market, Dierre relies on software, processes and technology exclusively designed with great attention to the environment.

Falls within this framework, the product configurator: a software designed to Dierre that manages and regulates every new order and places it in a general database available from all over the world, from any dealer, to give a real-time response to customers.The product configurator allows retailers to follow, step by step the process of their orders, from emission to deliver the product to its installation.

A further step to bring the most innovative technology available to the everyday, industrialise also special products and make them simple in their use, be able to meet the needs of each customer throughout the world.

The flagship of the company are the Dierre Partners, a network of selected dealers from Dierre that guarantee high quality of service, expertise and customer focus, among those, there we are, AZ PERASOLE SRL.

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Per Porta Sentry

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AT4 1 Dierre Full Swing.

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AT4 Dierre Doppio Battente

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Club Reversibile

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