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13 Jun 2013
bellissima porta blindata metalnova con pannello lavorato, ottimo rapporto qualita' prezzo lunedi consegnata tramite cor... »
19 Jun 2014
Gentile Signore Perasole, grazie ho ricevuto la porta, tutto ok, ma le invio questa email per fare i complimenti a lei ... »

€420,78  [+22% ]

€189,35  [+22% ]
Product code: Dierre Multipla
Brand: Dierre
Availability: yes
More items available upon order: yes
Timeline for shipping: 35 working day(s)

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Dimensione Multiuso:
On the opening to Multiuso:


Closing multifunctional , accessories and specifications as per our standard production . Z- frame on 3 sides painted galvanized steel with brackets , gasket option on 3 sides , hinges 3 wings adjustable in height on a sphere coated steel , self-closing with helical torsion spring built into the hinge , powder coating epoxy light ivory color similar to RAL 9010. Knocker blind made of galvanized steel sheets painted or coated similar to RAL 9010 light ivory , with honeycomb insulation , mortise lock with 1 point cylinder lock cylinder with faux Yale PVC with n . 1 key to encryption Unified Patent , handles accident prevention (handle / handle) on resin plate matt black . Indoor installation is not exposed to the sun and / or rain on any wall , opening to push a view from the inside , paint RAL . Thickness swing 50 mm, thickness 60 mm door + frame . Options: frame anchor bolts recommended for concrete walls or historical value , handles and / or panic bar , door lock knob with push / openers , closers, electromagnets , rectangular and circular windows , ventilation grills , electric release , side moldings , transom and sidelight , tubular metal frames in - ZLT and available oversized.

Multipla is a hollow metal door , galvanized and pre-painted , a flexible and practical solution for all businesses , public and private, suitable for closing gaps typical of medium-sized ports 1 and 2 doors. It is the complete range of fire Hydra. Standard sizes and oversize , left or right hand opening , blind structure and typical strength steel , insulation standard honeycomb cardboard in mineral wool option for environments where you require a discrete thermal insulation , flexibility and adaptability to any type of wall . Frames zeta standard or tubular , available in a wall version and tessellate , in the corner or in the hallway , to be used depending on the type of wall. Customizable with light flanks and / or transom glass or blind, with transparency option windows made of safety glass , wide range of colors , the price is among the lowest in the category. Available in panic or handle / handle. Allows a variety of applications ranging from doors to doors or with one or two side openers and solid or glazed , wide choice of accessories. Multipla is the door that meets all closure needs technical / commercial .

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