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19 Jun 2014
Gentile Signore Perasole, grazie ho ricevuto la porta, tutto ok, ma le invio questa email per fare i complimenti a lei ... »
13 Jun 2013
bellissima porta blindata metalnova con pannello lavorato, ottimo rapporto qualita' prezzo lunedi consegnata tramite cor... »
Cassonetto per porte scorrevoli Dierre

Cassonetto per porte scorrevoli Dierre
€89,99  [+22% ]
Product code: NEW SPACE
Brand: Dierre
Availability: 4
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The sliding door is one of the distinguishing features between one room and the other as well as a clear expression of your personality. With high construction technology combined with many customization options, bins Dierre line Space will give the house a style all your no compromise to the closure you want. If we consider the significant benefits in terms of footprint, which gives a sliding door over the traditional, you'll discover that Space is the ideal box for any situation.

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