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ROLLING REI 60/90/120, closing fire doors at 1 or 2 horizontal scrolling, pre-painted steel, is the solution for the partitioning of medium and large gates. The absence of footprints in the rotation of the closure limited to fire up the waste of usable area, so it is perfect for commercial and industrial buildings, garages, hospitals and wherever there is a need, in small spaces, the horizontal sliding doors 1 and 2 doors, motorized, in versions with or without pedestrian door. The price of the closing sliding fire is calculated per square meter and is among the lowest in its class, thanks to the high non-economic gap between REI 60/90 and REI 120, much prefer a 120 to a REI REI 60/90. For all closures sliding fire damper is required the extra stop and, for measurements over 3 m in width or area exceeding 12 square meters, is required the extra speed controller, two major options in terms of safety the transit of people and vehicles. For the retention of the closing sliding fire normally open solenoid is recommended that you install the restraint must be connected to the fire panel to release the self-closing door in case of alarm.
There are no standard dimensions for closures and fire sliding under the modular construction, allows the closure of Rolling Dierre rooms of various types of communication, giving the ability to configure solutions to meet all different types of walls. The availability of a wide range of installation types, engines and accessories, allows you to customize the sliding fire closures according to the ergonomic needs of the site, the designer can enhance their creativity in compliance.
The closures sliding fire, Rolling Dierre, are essentially constituted by horizontal guide, fixed to the wall by means of suspension brackets tessellate with shape to seal the hot fumes and double profile rail with 2 trolleys each with 2 wheels; to vary the widths and heights rising, carts are provided for additional scrolling. The guide protrusion from the wall is at most 230 mm.
The box of Rolling Dierre is fixed to the wall by plugs metal and is equipped with a meeting female for sealing of the hot fumes that encloses the weights connected to the leaf via steel cable for the self-closing of the door.
Again we have fixed labyrinth seal for hot fumes fixed to the wall by plugs made of metal, coupled with the mobile labyrinth screwed on the tail side of the leaf, ensures the tightness of the hot fumes with the door closed. The lower guide of the closing fire is sliding on the floor, the roller is fixed to the floor outside light to pass with sliding guide formed on the lower side of the sliding door.
All the above elements, the elements are fixed and are galvanized and epoxy powder coated light ivory color similar to RAL 9010.
With regard to the moving parts, sliding closures fire Rolling Dierre instead we have: sliding door, suspended to the guide through the sliding carriages consists of 2 or more modules to vary the width increases, the modules are coupled to system male / female screwed; the module at the head end of the closing sliding fire is provided with recessed handles while the module side tail is movable with labyrinth seal hot fumes. The Rolling Dierre modules are made of sheet steel, galvanized and prepainted light ivory similar to RAL 9010, with protective film to be removed to complete installation, high density insulation. The thickness of the leaf is 80 mm, with a value for the air between the door and the wall of 75 mm.
The opening is right with the horizontal scroll to the right, or if you want to open the left with horizontal scroll on the left.
This type of closure is provided fire protection course with approval of fire resistance according to UNI 9723.
OPTIONS: counterweight tail, insulated lintel, pedestrian door (are not considered escape routes but service doors), cruise control, terminal cushioning, fire engines with possibility functioning door lock with door closed (opening) with engine braking, RAL paint choice.

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